Warbound by Larry Correia (Grimnoir Chronicles #3)

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A Great Finish to an Epic Trilogy – 4 Stars

Warbound puts the finishing touches on what has proved to be one of the most original series I have read. It is well written, intelligent and fun amongst a sea of Dresden wannabes. The first thing I did after finishing Warbound was to hop on Twitter and ask the author if we will see more in this series. Larry Correia informs that while this puts an end to the trilogy of books, he intends on writing further novels set in this world. I will be in line waiting for my copy when that day comes.

Plot summary

The threads from the previous novels all gather in Warbound to coalesce in one massive, supernatural confrontation. At the outset of the novel, Faye has gone off the grid leaving everyone to believe she is dead. She has traveled to France to meet with a elder Grimnoir to learn the secrets of the Spellbound curse and to determine if she can manage the power. Without Faye, the rest of the Grimnoir crew gathers with a ragtag band of unlikely allies to track down and destroy the pathfinder. The book culminates with battles across the globe in an effort to save mankind.

The Good

Go Big or Go Home

In this installment, very little is done on a small scale. The explosions are bigger, the fights are bigger, the magic is bigger and the stakes are higher. The characters continue to grow and their grasp of and on the power reaches epic proportions. While I was a little disappointed with the final battle, the scope of the final confrontations were so vast that the final battle served as a footnote.

He Said it Right

I have said it before and I will say it again. Larry Correia writes some of the best dialogue in the business. The dialogue is used as tool to develop the character. If you are ever unsure of who is speaking in the story, you are likely to figure it out based on the character’s unique speech pattern and nuanced language. This is one of the most enjoyable parts of the series.

The Bad

Turn it up to 11!

While the scale of the final confrontations was epic, the action and intensity of the scenes was not up to par with the previous installment. Throughout the novel there was significant periods of inactivity causing the story to drag from time to time.

The time spent slowly in the book could have been better spent tying together all the loose ends. When the story wasn’t going slow, part of the story felt rushed. It was as if some of the completed threads had to be wedged into the story. The final result was that the story lacked the impeccable pacing of the previous novel.

Final Thoughts

Though the story suffered in terms of pacing, the overall story was excellent and enjoyable. The characters were interesting and fun throughout and kept you rooting and cringing the whole way along. This is an exceptional trilogy and it is highly recommended by me!

Audiobook Notes

Once again, the narration is top of the line. I continue to gush over the excellent characterizations of the narrator. The author has written dialogue that begs to be read out loud. This narrator does it as good as anyone.

Content Advisories

It is difficult to find commentary on the sex/violence/language content of book if you are interested. I make an effort to give you the information so you can make an informed decision before reading. *Disclaimer* I do not take note or count the occurrences of adult language as I read. I am simply giving approximations.

Scale 1 – Lowest 5 – Highest

Sex 2

Apparently some people can find time for sex on the eve of Armageddon. There is a scene in which sex in implied. There is little other sexually related content.

Language 3.5

Larry Corriea rarely shies away from adult language. The use adult language is a little above average in this novel. There is moderate use of mild obscenities and mild use of the f-word.

Violence 3.5

There is plenty of fantasy violence. The violence is not located in every chapter as it is focused in several of the large fighting scenes. There is a in which a large number of people are killed that is humerous as well as moderately graphic.

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