The Starboard Sea by Amber Dermont

My #1 Read for 2013 


coverAn Emotional and Powerful Coming of Age Story – 5 Stars

Looking Back

Looking back at the 80+ books I read in 2013, I chose the The Starboard Sea as my top read for 2013.   The story was emotional and packed a punch.  I was unable to get this story out of my mind for several days after reading.  Given the impact, I felt I had to give it the number one spot.  This story will not be for every reader.  The story deals with issues such as suicide and homosexuality.  They are dealt with in such a way that the reader is left to determine how they feel about the issues.  Regardless, readers who do not wish to read material with these issues should avoid this novel.

My Review

This book reminds me in many ways of Bridge to Terabithia, the book that started my love of reading.  Don’t get me wrong, The Starboard Sea is adult oriented and certainly not a children’s book.  There is something about a coming of age story that brings me back that first book that made such an impact on me.

The Starboard Sea is a melancholy and at times, a brooding story that gives us peak into the lives of rich and privileged kids at a boarding school.  In small part, the book explores what money can allow one to get away with but beyond this the story explores how people deal with guilt, regret, death and ultimately how some learn to heal.

Although the main characters were finishing their last year of high school, I didn’t feel I was reading a book about kids for kids.  To appreciate the emotional weight of the book I think you need to have a few more life experiences than a newly minted high school graduate.

The book is equally emotional, moving and disturbing.  Some of the themes will make some readers uncomfortable but I think it is the turbulence within the story that draws you in.  An excellent, emotional read.  5 Stars and a top read of 2013.

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