Review Format

For the majority of my reviews, I will follow a specific format.  The hope is that it will allow the reader to have a uniform experience.  Specifically, I attempt to provide a Content Advisory for each book to help you can make the decision if the book is right for you.  I will provide the reader with an idea of the content in the following categories ranked from 1 (being the lowest) to 5 (being the highest)


The reviews will provide of the sexual elements provided in the books.  I will not explain in detail the contents but provide and idea as to what to expect.  I will use the 1-5 scale. 1 (no sexual content), 2 (low sexual content,  implied sexual content), 3 (low to moderate occurrence of sex scenes, low to moderate graphic descriptions or discussion), 4 (moderate occurrences of sex scenes, moderately graphic descriptions and discussions), 5 (pervasive sexual content, high graphic descriptions and pervasive and graphic sexual discussion)


The reviews will provide descriptions to the amount of violence contained in the books.  Violence could include actual physical violence (fighting, weapons), threats of violence, sexual violence and abuse including verbal abuse.  I will use a 1-5 scale. 1 (No Violence), 2 (low physical violence content, low and non graphic occurrence of abuse, implied abuse), 3 (moderate physical violence, low graphic violence, low graphic sexual abuse), 4 (high graphic physical violence, moderate gore, moderate sexual abuse), 5 (Pervasive violence and pervasive themes, excessively graphic violence).


The reviews will provide description as to the use of adult language in the book.  I will make reference to categories.  Religious Exclamations – Jesus Christ, God D*mn, etc.  Mild Language – D*mn, S*it, B*stard,  F-Word – Including its derivatives.  Misc. – Including referring to people by the names of body parts, etc. I will use a 1-5 Scale – 1(No adult Language), 2(Low use of mild language, Religious Exclamations or Misc language) 3 (Moderate use of Low use of mild language, Religious Exclamations or Misc language, Low use of F-Word), 4 (moderately High use of mild language, Religious Exclamations or Misc language, moderate use of F-Word), 5 (Pervasive use of all adult language)


NOTE – While reading to review, I DO NOT keep track of the number of uses of adult language, violence or sexual content.  This is my estimation as to usage.  As in any review, it is subjective and should not be a substitute to your own discretion.  It is difficult to find content advisories for books so I trust this will provide you with some information should you be interested in this content.


Review Categories

The reviews will also fall into one of several catagories as listed,

Blast from the Past – This will be a review of any book that was first published at least 20 years before the review.  This could be a classic or an early work by a well established writer.

New Release – This will be a review of book that is an authors most recent publication and release in the past 3-8 months.

Hot off the Press – This will be a review of a book that was published within two month of the review.

ARC – This is a pre-release review of a book that is yet to be published.  Any ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) that I chose to review, will be posted close to the publication date.

Readers Choice – A review of a book chosen by one of my readers.  I will take requests for reviews.  Requests can be for books by a major publisher.  I will not review self published books.  Sorry.

Off the Shelf – Everything else!