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It appears that I am out of fresh Larry Correia material and I have to settle in for the long wait once again….

Monster Hunter Nemesis takes the series down a side street of the overall story development.   In a manner similar to Monster Hunter Alpha, this installments focuses on one character and reads more like #4.5 than #5 in the series. This was not the best in the series, in fact, it is my least favorite. That said, it is a still a darn good book and worthy of your time.

Plot summary

The story focuses on everyone’s favorite government enforcer, Franks. After the fallout from the previous novel, the hunter finds himself the hunted. While running for his own life, he finds that he is the only obstacle between the secretive and deadly nemesis project and the destruction of mankind. At least there is no pressure. As the story unfolds we learn the true nature of Franks and the details and nature of the nemesis project are finally revealed.  Old friends from earlier novels pop by for a visit and we are given clues to the true endgame of the creepy Stricken.

The Good

Bang, Squish, Boom

You haven’t read this far in the MHI series if you don’t like gun fights, dead monsters and explosions. While the tale that Correia spins is a departure from the previous installments, he retains enough of the elements we have come to love so that we do not feel lost.

This is the second book in the series that focus mainly on one character. In doing this, Correia does and excellent job in developing the characters and building the mythology of one of our favorite characters.

The Bad

Missing a Piece of the Puzzle

This installment is quite different from the previous novels as it is the first to focus on a non MHI character. While it retained the much of the monster killing and general action elements, it felt more like a spin off novel. While is was good in its own right, I like it less than the previous books.

If you follow Larry Correia on Facebook or Twitter (I would suggest you do so. It is quite entertaining) it becomes abundantly clear he is a political person, is NOT a “social justice crusader” and he undoubtedly for smaller government. These ideals were on full display in this novel. While “right wing” themes (anti gun control, small government, exposing government corruption) run in all of his novels, this book featured these themes more prominently. At some points, the book felt like message fiction, which I always assumed was the domain of the liberal writers…but I digress. While I don’t mind a message that isn’t “in your face” ( see my review of a book that does message fiction right The Windup Girl ) I felt that at time the message got in the way of the story. While I may have agreed with most of the message, the message should flow naturally from the story but not feel like a vehicle for a message. That said, it really is a minor complaint.

Final Thoughts

I have now read the entire Monster Hunter International series and the Grimnoir Chronicles. With the exception of this book (which I was lucky to obtain as an Advance Reader Copy), I have listened to the audio versions of each book. EVERY Larry Correia book I have listened to has been of exceptional quality. Sadly, I think I enjoy his books more as audio and will likely return to that format for his next novel.

This book was a departure from the rest of the series. There was just less of everything you expect. Less action, Less Monsters, Less Gore, Less Guns but more Franks. While it was lacking compared to the rest, it is an excellent book and a good addition to the series.

Content Advisories

It is difficult to find commentary on the sex/violence/language content of book if you are interested. I make an effort to give you the information so you can make an informed decision before reading. *Disclaimer* I do not take note or count the occurrences of adult language as I read. I am simply giving approximations.

Scale 1 – Lowest 5 – Highest

Sex 1.5

None to speak of. Some discussion with a hooker/Succubus and few off hand comments about sex. As usually, Correa shies from any graphic content.

Language 3

It seems the author muzzled the mouths of his characters this time around. The language is less that his other novels. There seems to be an ongoing decline in the adult language used in his novels. Either that or I am becoming desensitised.

Violence 3.5

Don’t worry. Monsters go boom. Unfortunately there are less dead monsters than normal. Fortunately, the monsters in this novel are much stronger than in the other. This results in some excellent battle scene with some major monster powers. The violence is less but the violence is more epic than earlier novels.

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