Monster Hunter Legion by Larry Corriea (Monster Hunter International #4)

Here Be Dragons – 4 Stars  

MHI4Yes!  Dragons!  Not gonna lie. I’ve been waiting for one of these UF series to whip out one of these bad boys!  While it only has a minor role, Larry Correia continues to masterfully introduce us to the monsters and mythical beasts we all know and love and while at the same time give them their own MHI spin.

This installment feels as if it is a transition book in the series.  It is different from the others as there is less action and the majority of the book is set in a single locale.  Characters introduced in the previous installment are incorporated into the MHI world and rumblings of a new foe are heard.  It feels like we are gearing up for an epic showdown!  Cowboy up monster hunters, the fun is just getting started!

Plot summary

The monster hunters are invited to the first annual conference of monster hunting professionals.  Hunters from around the world converge in Nevada to talk shop and buy new things that go boom.  In true MHI style, there is no such thing as down time and a nightmare monster is loose in the Sin City.  There is a powershift in the government and old foes take on a new light and new foes pose greater threats.  Behind the scenes, an unknown and ancient power is gearing up and testing the hunters for what will soon come.

The Good

I’m not Bored Yet

The author does a great job of keeping the series from becoming formulaic.  While Owen Z. Pitt is there to save the day, new friends, foes and locales are introduced to keep the series fresh.  In this installment, we are introduced to hunters from other countries.  While I was disappointed that Canada was not represented (Go Canada!), adding other hunters leads to more interesting plot developments.

I’ve described this as a transitions book.  There are always times in a series where the storylines shift and author has to introduce new characters and redirect the readers focus.  Sometimes these books can be a drag as it feels like a #1 in the series and you just want to get on with the story.  While at time the story did drag, Correia made sure that we got our share creative monster destruction.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other
Having really enjoyed the previous book in which the story focused Ed Harbinger instead of Owen Pitt, I was hoping we would get to learn about the other characters a bit more.  Corriea did not disappoint and we get some solid sections of the book devoted to Holly and Owen’s brother Pitt.  This helps the series overall and keeps you from becoming bored with the one star of the show.

The Bad

Drag Time

This one did drag from time to time which did bring down the “ye-haw” factor.  This one was less of a UF/Western than the other books.  While it only brought my rating down a bit.  Overall, it lacked the excitement of some of the other books but it was an excellent read nonetheless.

Final Thoughts

I am running out of great things to say about this series.  This series stands alone amongst the UF series.  There are no wizards running about town casting spells and saving the day.  Just good old modern cowboy action.  If you are reading this review and haven’t tried the series yet, what are you waiting for?  Go grab the first book and let the adventure begin.

Content Advisories

It is difficult to find commentary on the sex/violence/language content of book if you are interested.  I make an effort to give you the information so you can make an informed decision before reading. *Disclaimer* I do not take note or count the occurrences of adult language as I read. I am simply giving approximations.

Scale 1 – Lowest     5 – Highest

Sex 1.5

The series is low on sexual content and this is no exception.  There is one scene in which some strippers were invited to a party but there are no graphic descriptions.  There is an odd but G-rated romance subplot.

Language 3.5

The author does not shy from adult language and the characters let fly the occasional mother f-er.  There is moderate use of adult language throughout the book but it has decreased since the first novel.

Violence 4

This book receives a lesser violence rating than the rest.  Granted, there is still a large dead and undead monster body count but it is reduced from the other novels.  You will still get the monster gore albeit a slightly reduced portion.

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